Jellyfish, Snow Cones, and Tattoos

I walked away on Thursday, but it wasn’t until Saturday that I remembered what I’d been missing.

Driving out to the shores of Florida, I watched in awe and in envy as kite surfers harnessed the wind to help them glide across the Gulf of Mexico on their boards. Immediately, kite surfing was added to my endless list of activities I must try.

Walking along the compacted white sand, I mourned the beautiful white jellyfish whose bodies lay across the shoreline.

As the day progressed, it all started coming back to me in tiny pieces. There is more to the world than what happens behind the walls of a corporation. How could I have forgotten?

Standing on a pier, I celebrated with women and men who were lucky enough to reel in a fish for their dinner.

I watched as a sea turtle surfaced for air.

I bought a sweet snow cone from a food truck to combat the warmth of the afternoon as I delicately danced around the topic of my daughter getting a tattoo.

As miserable as I’ve been, I guess I needed this. It has helped confirm that I got it right the first time around. Once upon a time, the corporate life may have been right for me, but it isn’t anymore. I’m now content when I’m left to my own devices and allowed to focus on my writing.

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Unlimited Possibilities



imageWe have nothing to do, nowhere to go. The empty afternoon offers unlimited possibilities. The day beckons to us, inviting us to explore. Hopping in the car, we set off to find an adventure.

A slight breeze offers relief against the powerful Florida sun, making the afternoon pleasantly comfortable. Munching on our packed lunch beneath a picnic shelter, we’ve decided to spend today at Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park in Homosassa, Florida. The park promises to fill our empty afternoon with beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife.

Taking advantage of the complimentary boat ride, we glide along Pepper Creek in a pontoon boat. Listening to the Park Ranger’s informative introduction, I take in the beauty of the park. It is breathtaking.

Purchased in 1940, this fifty acre park has actually been a popular attraction since the early 1900s, when trains would stop allowing passengers to enjoy the view of Homosassa Spring. Over the years this beautiful natural park was used to house trained exotic animals that were used on television shows and in movies.  However, animal education, understanding, and compassion have since changed how the park manages captive wildlife. A participant in Manatee rescue and rehabilitation, the park has helped rescue and rehabilitate more than forty injured manatees in the span of thirty years.

Exploring the park, we saw manatees swimming, stunning wildlife at the zoo, met an artist, rode a pontoon boat, and learned little something about animal rescue and rehabilitation.

What started out as an empty afternoon ended in a beautiful adventure.


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Mother Nature’s in a Playful Mood


Tropical Storm Colin | Monday, June 6, 2016


Are you ready?

Mother Nature is feeling playful. She has let down her hair and stretched the weariness from her bones. She is ready to dance. She whirls and sways out along the water. Moving with an easy grace, Mother Nature picks up momentum. Her dance takes on a life of its own: Tropical Storm Colin.

Will she continue to dance towards us? The weather stations seem to think she will. We are under advisory for a tropical storm watch with significant impacts. Torrential rainfall leading to major flooding. Strong winds from 35 to 45 miles per hour with gusts up to 60 miles per hour. Possible hurricanes and scattered tornadoes.

News crews hoover at Cedar Keys, hoping to capture the events as they unfold. Tuning in, we wait and watch. Will the storm veer away from where we are hunkered down, or will it continue on its path.

We’ve prepared for the worst, but we’re hoping for the best. We brought in and secured our awning, tucked away our camp chairs, and replaced the batteries in our weather radio. We went grocery shopping two days ago, so our cupboards are full. Thankfully, the kitchen stove and hot water tank in our RV are powered by propane. If we loose electricity, we’ll still be able to cook and bathe. Battening down the hatches, we’ve done what we can to be ready.

Watching, we wait…


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