Seeking Solitude

TypeWriter ImageThe outside world looms larger than life. The television blares. People talk and laugh. A car alarm sounds off. A dog barks.It is in moments like these when I struggle. All, I want is a moment of quiet where I can become lost within my own mind, focus on my thoughts, and capture the story running through the recesses of my mind.

Quieting my exterior, I immerse myself in my writing. Pounding away at the keyboard, I have somehow effectively managed to remove myself from the life happening around me.

It’s time. I am ready to converse and laugh, but the silence is deafening. My world is quiet. Everyone around me seems to be submersed in their own activities. Restless, I prowl about. Like a precocious two year old, I want to throw a fit and harass my family into paying attention to me.

It’s a fine line to walk. As a traveler and a writer, I have a need to experience life. I have a need to – feel the wind on my face,  experience the stifling muggy heat of Virginia, smell the dank mustiness of an earthy farm, hear the story of the woman who works at the five and dime store, suffer through the agony of defeat, wade in the waves crashing against the pristine white shores of the sandy Florida beaches, laugh until I cry, navigate my way along the hustling city streets of New York, and to be overwhelmed with gratitude. I have a need to do it all, to see it all, to experience it all.

I’ve had enough. Bursting at the seams, I’m ready to implode. My body needs rest and my mind needs relief. Armed with my laptop, I squire away. I’ll be better once I spend the next few hours, days, or possibly weeks pounding away at the keyboard.

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5 thoughts on “Seeking Solitude

  1. Hi Addison. I think you do a great job on Weather Nation. Except……….for the fact that you call Presque Isle, Maine, “Presque Isles”. I spoke to the town manager (mayor) of Presque Isle and he’s concerned as well – he feels his fair city ought to be called by its proper name. You’ve also referred to Donner Pass as “Donner’s Pass”. In your profession, correct place-names are important. Anyway, as I said, I think you do a good job reporting the weather, but try to remember to leave the “s” off these places.


    • Hi Michael. I’m afraid you have me confused with a different Addison Greene. I don’t work for Weather Nation. I’m actually a freelance writer and photographer, and don’t work for any specific company. Sounds like you have good feedback for the other Addison, so I hope you are able to reach out to them. Thanks.


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