Mother Nature’s in a Playful Mood


Tropical Storm Colin | Monday, June 6, 2016


Are you ready?

Mother Nature is feeling playful. She has let down her hair and stretched the weariness from her bones. She is ready to dance. She whirls and sways out along the water. Moving with an easy grace, Mother Nature picks up momentum. Her dance takes on a life of its own: Tropical Storm Colin.

Will she continue to dance towards us? The weather stations seem to think she will. We are under advisory for a tropical storm watch with significant impacts. Torrential rainfall leading to major flooding. Strong winds from 35 to 45 miles per hour with gusts up to 60 miles per hour. Possible hurricanes and scattered tornadoes.

News crews hoover at Cedar Keys, hoping to capture the events as they unfold. Tuning in, we wait and watch. Will the storm veer away from where we are hunkered down, or will it continue on its path.

We’ve prepared for the worst, but we’re hoping for the best. We brought in and secured our awning, tucked away our camp chairs, and replaced the batteries in our weather radio. We went grocery shopping two days ago, so our cupboards are full. Thankfully, the kitchen stove and hot water tank in our RV are powered by propane. If we loose electricity, we’ll still be able to cook and bathe. Battening down the hatches, we’ve done what we can to be ready.

Watching, we wait…


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2 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s in a Playful Mood

  1. Hopefully you had no damage as the winds weren’t up to hurricane strength. It is one thing to ride out a storm in a house (I’ve gone through Hurricane Andrew) but in an RV is another story.

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    • Karen,
      Thankfully, there was no fear of a storm quite that strong, and we were in a pretty secure location. I definitely would have been terrified to try and weather a storm like Andrew out in our RV. As it was the winds were steady enough for us, and we were ready to pull out if it looked to turn worse than a tropical storm. I’m glad you and your family came through Andrew okay. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed.

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